Monday, December 5, 2016

An introduction to freedom first.

Turkey is of an enormous importance in this modern world. This is one of the many good reasons to have a good relationship with this country which is connecting the European- and Asian continent to each other. The question that rises here, is this: ‘What may a good relationship with Turkey cost’? ECPM and its partners are very well convinced that the EU countries are paying way too much for a fake friendship with Turkey. When the European Union will continue the process of accession with Turkey right now, the EU will face an irreversible and dramatic problem. Therefore, this process of accession to the EU has to be terminated now, before it is too late.

Why would the EU-membership of Turkey be so disastrous and why does it have to be stopped? These questions will be discussed in a series of articles on this website in the upcoming weeks.

One of the so called ‘Copenhagen-criteria’ is that any new EU member state has to respect democratic values and the rule of law. Here is a very point where it goes dramatically wrong in Turkey. While in the rest of Europe, several countries are making progress on the field of democracy and the rule of law, these issues in Turkey are getting worse and worse. Absolutely devastating are the actions taken by the Erdogan regime right after the coup attempt on July 15 this year. Journalists, teachers, soldiers, policemen, judges, civil servants, members of parliament, academics and many others are arrested (40.000) or fired off (130.000). One of the opposition parties, HDP, which has its supporters basically in the eastern part of Turkey, has been effectively swiped out. They had to face bombings on their towns with HDP-supporters, executions, arrests, intimidations and other really bad things. It’s safe to say, Turkey does not have any functioning democratic system anymore. Such a country, with such a reputation may never get a vote in the EU. They have to be kept away from the table in Brussels where decisions are being taken about Europe’s future. Turkey will not contribute to the wellbeing of the European countries at all, but has other interests than that. This will be shown in an upcoming article.