Friday, April 14, 2017

Erdogan controls the European Turks via the mosques

The government of Turkey is officially represented by their embassies, consulates… and Diyanet, the governmental institution for Religious Affairs. This state body oversees all the Turkish mosques in Turkey and abroad. Turkish imams are being appointed by this organisation and Turkish citizens in EU have received campaigning materials for the AK party via this organization. Also for the referendum coming Sunday, Dutch inhabitants with a Turkish passport have received a letter from Erdogan himself.

The involvement of the Turkish government in the mosques frequented by the citizens living in Europe is not limited to sending a few campaigning letters. Whenever the national government wants to investigate any suspicious practices of a mosque, the Turkish government will intervene. Last week, the government of Belgium wanted to investigate some Diyanet mosques because of ‘unacceptable practices’ but the Turkish government didn’t want to cooperate. According to the Flemish minister: ‘A justice ministry report showed the mosque failed to promote integration, created tension between groups in society and introduced foreign conflicts into Flemish society.’

These kinds of ‘incidents’ are belonging to a policy of Turkey. For example, in 2011 President Erdogan discouraged millions of German Turks to  assimilation in the Western society and said that they belonged to ‘Our Great Turkey’, even if they are living here for decades.

The Turkish government and the AK party are almost similar. In terms of democracy, that’s a big issue. But also the mighty and very influential Islamic organisation Diyanet is working among Turkish citizens to bind them to the state and its only party. This is a very ‘explosive mixture’. European countries should never ever allow such a regime with so many inhabitants into its own family of member states who are sharing the same values of freedom and solidarity!