Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Erdogan’s intimidation policy in Europe

Erdogan is trying to eliminate opponents and to spread his message of nationalistic intolerance against all those who are not longing for a big Turkish empire like the Ottoman empire. He does this not just in Turkey but also in Europe.

It’s election time in Turkey again. This should be an exciting time for everyone: both the politicians who are in power, and the political opponents. But in Turkey, it’s just a tense time for the discriminated minorities and a time of victory for the ruling AK party. Whatever the result of Erdogan’s referendum for more power to himself might be, the election campaign itself is already effective against opponents.

Not just citizens in Turkey, but also Turkish citizens in European countries are affected by the campaigns. The Turkish minister of Foreign Affairs had plans to come to The Netherlands to speak at a Turkish rally and ask for vote in favour of Erdogan’s proposal. Because of concerns about the public safety, the Dutch government did not allow this event to take place, planned in the city of Rotterdam. The Turkish government was furious because of this decision and called the Dutch ‘Nazi remnants’. Not so polite of an EU candidate member.

Not just verbal insults are the only negative messages from Ankara. Kurdish citizens in Belgium or The Netherlands are feeling threatened by Turkish nationalists who are in favour of Erdogan’s policy. Erdogan supporters stabbed a few anti-Erdogan demonstrators in Brussels last week.

Turkish citizens are being asked to cast their vote in intimidating circumstances. The dictator of Ankara himself calls everyone who opposes his new constitution, a terrorist. The words and actions of every citizen are watched by Turkish nationalist whether you live in the Netherlands, Belgium or Istanbul. The Turkish government administration is discriminating against and intimidating the families of those not in favour of dictatorial Erdogan’s plans.

This is possibly the next EU member unless the negotiation talks end now. Sign the petition and give a clear sign that Erdogan’s dictatorial plans are not welcome in EU.