Friday, March 10, 2017

Turkey fights European allies in Syria

It has been made clear before that Turkey is supporting the Islamic State (IS) during the civil war in Syria. Moreover, the Muslimbrotherhood and Hamas are among Turkey’s ideological partners. This is not only visible in remarks from AK politicians, but also in Turkish actions in the war in Syria. Meanwhile, European countries are closely working together with the Kurdish YPG to defeat IS in Syria.


Turkey against YPG

The Turkish president Erdogan considers the YPG a terrorist organisation. Therefore, the Turkish army is combating the YPG in northern Syria. Turkey is also putting pressure on the United States to refrain from supporting YPG and Rojava.

However, the YPG is not a terrorist organisation. They are defeating IS and have already liberated a large area from IS oppression. In contradiction to many other rebel groups, the YPG is solely fighting against IS. There is a democratic movement in the so called ‘Rojava’ region: this is ‘a safe haven in the middle of Syria's brutal war.’

Internal policy

Western countries should not listen to Turkey. Turkey wants to enlarge its own influence in the region and oppress all kinds of opposition in their own country. Turkey might have problems with Kurdish terrorism in Turkey itself, but it’s very horrific that the YPG - who is merely defending their own territory - needs to fight against both IS and Turkey.

It is clear that Turkey is not busy fighting Islamic terrorism, but rather busy establishing its own role in the region. A strong Islamic Turkey is the only reason that Erdogan seeks cooperation with European countries and wants to go further with the negotiations on EU membership. Reasons enough to stop this and sign our petition!