Friday, January 13, 2017

Turkey on the Open Doors list


This week, Open Doors published their ‘World Watch List 2017’. On this list, 50 countries are ranked where Christians are suffering because of their faith.[1] On place number 37, we find back a candidate member of the European Union: Turkey. Last year, Turkey was on number 45 of the list.

The source of the persecution of Christians in Turkey is, according to Open Doors: ‘Islamic extremism and religious nationalism.’[2] There is more violence against Christians, in particular since the failed coup. The intolerance against everyone who is not on Erdogan's side, has increased dramatically.

As stated in former articles on this website, there is no functioning rule of law anymore in Turkey. Christians who are victims of the injustice of the AK-government have little chance for fair treatment by the police or by the court, since all such key positions are in the hands of those loyal to the ruling AK-party.

In 2007, three Turkish Christians were brutally killed. The investigation and trial process was yet another example of the bad position of Christians in Turkey. One of the close friends of the victims said: “This process is unjust. There’s no justice for Christians in this country. This is the proof of that. They are just hiding behind the laws.’’[3]

It is a great shame that the EU is negotiating with such a country about EU-membership. This has to stop now, otherwise the EU will be justifying and importing Christian persecution into Europe.